Black Hills Film Festival is coming to Rapid City…

The Black Hills Film Festival will be bringing you six short films including animation, documentaries and narratives in the heart of downtown Rapid City on November 14th, 2012.

Board members will introduce favorites and give away prizes and coupons for the May 1 – 5, 2013 Festival. A special tribute to our veterans will be included in the program.

Films include: The Note, Kaziah the Goat Woman, Dreamgiver, Take a Seat, Prayers for Peace, The Adventures of Loop and Rhett. Tickets are $5.00 at the door.


The Note (5 min.) Student Animation 2011. Produced by Thomas Haley-Hermiz, Written and Directed by Chris Staehler.

An art figure comes to life to chase after and retrieve a love note between two
sweethearts. The journey tests not only him but takes us along on the ups and downs of
love and loss.

Kaziah the Goat Woman (27 min.) Short Doc. 2011. Produced and Directed by Kathleen Dolan.

Armed with oils and brushes, the story of a complicated survivor unfolds as she brings
new life into the world and adopts a nation … of fallen soldiers.
Embroiled in a war where the US government has forbid us to view our fallen soldiers,
one woman, armed with a paintbrush and a herd of pregnant goats, has found a way to
make sure these faces are seen and never forgotten. Painting over 600 portraits as gifts
for the families, a quirky Kaziah faces death on a daily basis and is forced to reconcile
her own fragile existence with ‘gravel in her gut and spit in her eyes’.

Preview (Click Here)

Dreamgiver (6 min.) Student Animation 2011. Written, Produced, and Directed by Tyler Carter.

Dream Giver Short Animation

A regular night of dream delivering turns into a literal nightmare when an orphan’s book
f Ancient Aztec Mythology comes alive. The Dreamgiver must save the orphan from his
own nightmare!

Take A Seat (22 min.) Short Doc. 2012. Produced and Directed by Dominic Gill.

On Dominic’s first Take A Seat project from Alaska to Argentina, he met Ernie
Greenwald, a keen cyclist, but Lymphocytic Leukemia and old age had seen to it that
his dream of cycling cross country was all but forgotten. With a wealth of experience
cycling a tandem, Dominic set about planning a journey from LA to New York, in which
they would cross the country together. Sadly, a worsening of Ernie’s condition made his

journey impossible. In Ernie’s honor, Dominic crossed the country with 10 individuals,
each with a disability that would make a leg of this journey impossible for them alone.
This short segment shows Rapid City man Kelly Lane who suffers from Parkinson’s
disease on the 600 mile cycling journey from Rapid City to Minneapolis.

Prayers for Peace (8 min.) Student 2010. School of Visual Arts, New York. Written, Produced, and Directed by Dustin Grella.

Pastels on a Slate chalkboard underscore life’s impermanence as the artist confronts the
memory of his younger brother killed in Iraq.

The Adventures of Loop & Rhett (38 min.) Short Narrative 2012. Written by Stephen Krstulich and Directed by Michael Su.

Loop & Rhett Poster

Once upon a time there were two men. Loop and Rhett. They headed west in pursuit
of a fresh start. In their travels, they came across a town, Alacran, New Mexico. There,
they would find themselves both allies and enemies and would have to face the ghosts
of their past to help them survive their future. They found themselves an adventure. ‘The
Adventures of Loop & Rhett’ brings the Western back in full force providing a family-
friendly approach to the genre through exciting action/adventure, compelling drama,
and just the right amount of comedy. This Western focuses on its characters and good
storytelling to engage its 21st-Century audiences. ‘The West is Still Wild!’


Preview (Click Here)

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