Beth Miller – Hair Design

Beth Miller - Hair Design
Today Beth Miller is a top Hairstylist in Hollywood but she has roots in South Dakota and owns Salon One in Rapid City.

From assistant hair stylist in 1990 in Dances with Wolves to Hair Department Head in 2005 in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Ms. Miller has numerous credits on major motion pictures including: Dolphin Tale (2011) – Hair Stylist (to Ashley Judd), Secretariat (2010) – Hair Stylist (for Ms Lane), Jonah Hex (2010)- Hair Department Head, Tropic Thunder (2008) Department Head Hairstylist.

She has also been nominated for two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Hairstyling for televison for Cinema Verite (2011) and Son of the Morning Star (1991).

Ms. Miller will conduct a session at the Black Hills Film Festival on what it takes to be a professional hairstylist in Hollywood and how she creates the movie’s character in her hair designs.

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